Device to fit in stacks to measure dust

Stack and process monitor for dust concentrations

Quick Specs

  • Manage your dust concentrations with ease
  • Automatic range setup
  • No manual adjustment required
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • No alignment required
  • Vibration has no effect on the reading

Wireless options are available on the 915MHz RF frequency. More about this can be found on our wireless networking products page.

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Snifter S301

This device is used to detect filter deterioration and blockage or breakage with very fast response time. The two alarms can be used for process control in flow – no flow situations in bulk solids handling and pneumatic transport applications.

Snifter S303

With a 4–20 mA analog signal output used for trend monitoring, S303 is installed downstream from a filter, cyclone, dryer or similar devices to monitor filter performance as well as particulate emissions.

Snifter S304

With the added feature of allowing calibration to give readings in mg/m3 format, it can give plant operators the ability to see absolute value measurements of dust concentrations.


Equipped with a Self Zero and Self Span check, the S305 meets all QAL1 requirements for official emissions regulations, as proven by its TÜV certification.

Measurement Objects
Solid particles in a gas flow
Particle Size
0.3 µm or larger
Measurement Range
From 0.1mg/m³
Measurement Principle
Inductive Electrification
Protection Category
Probe Length (total/measuring)
500 mm / 440 mm, 750 mm / 690 mm (optional), 1000mm / 940 mm (optional), others on request

19.7" / 17.3", 29.5" / 27.2", 39.4" / 37.0" (optional), others on request
Power Supply
115 VAC, 230 VAC, or 24 VDC
Power Consumption
DC model: Max 3 W, AC model: Max 8 W
Wiring Connections - Power Supply
DIN PG11 cable gland
Wiring Connections - Output Signals
DIN PG11 cable gland
Process Connection
Socket (38 mm O.D.), quick clamp (optional), flange (optional)
Output Signal
Isolated 4 - 20 mA output (not available in S301)

Two SPDT relays: 5 A, 24 V AC/DC
Communication Interface
Serial communication RS-485
Range Set-up
Normal measuring range: Automatic, based on average measured dust flow during setup procedure

Extended measuring range: User selectable (not available in S305)
Relay Alarm Settings
Automatic (Set at factory): Based on average measured dust flow User selectable ranges
Offset Trim
Automatic drift compensation
Signal Damping Time (mA)
0 - 300 s
Relay Delay Time
0 - 180 s

Process Conditions

-20 to +45 C (60 C for 24 VDC)

-4 to 113 F (140 F for 24 VDC)

Max 300 C | Max 700 F (optional)

Max 572 C | Max 1292 F (optional)
Max 300 kPa, higher on request

Max 43.5 PSI, higher on request
Gas Velocity
Min. 4 m/s | Min. 13.1 ft/s
max 95 % RH (non-condensing)
Max 5 m/s² | Max 16.4 ft/s²

Materials and Weight

Probe (wetted part)
Stainless Steel (AISI 316L)
Probe Coating (wetted part)
PTFE Teflon (optional)
Process Connection (wetted part)
Stainless Steel (AISI 316L)
Aluminum alloy
Probe Insulation (wetted part)
Probe Sealing (wetted part)
FPM Viton
2.3 kg | 5.1 lb


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