In addition to our measurement devices, Sintrol’s Wireless Monitoring System makes it easier to connect, track, manage and control a network of dust monitors. Using any combination of Sintrol’s dust monitors, the entire system can be integrated and set up via our RF network and managed with our DustLog 8 software. While installing cables around a plant has been the common practice for decades, it can be an expensive and inconvenient setup. Additionally, having to manage the installation and commissioning in the plant can be difficult, especially when monitors are placed in difficult to reach places or under extreme temperatures. With the Wireless Monitoring System, each monitor has the ability to communicate via RF with any other monitor as well as with the control room. Each monitor has a range of over 1 km and can act as a repeater within the network so installation is easy, simple and less costly than traditional methods. DustLog 8 enables the operator to see and control all monitors in the network, providing access to change parameters, see data history and alarms, and map all the monitors in the plant. Below is an example of a Wireless Monitoring System that can be done by combining our monitors with the RF network and DustLog 8:

Combining the Sintrol Dumo with our latest Dust-log 8 data logging software gives users full remote access and reporting information to store and track historical data. This enables plant operators to identify key trends and pinpoint abnormalities in dust levels over a period of time.

Rising concerns in regards to combustible dust in work environments have increased the demand for particulate monitoring systems around the world. The Sintrol Dumo is a unique monitor designed to help mitigate risk of exposure to hazardous combustible dust.


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